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How do I know that my order is secure and information is safe?

Kagi utilizes Digital IDs for all secure transactions from the established and respected certificate authority IPSCA. IPSCA ensures that when you order from our Online Order Page using SSL security, your information is safe from interception and alteration. IPSCA offers a state-of-the-art, completely dependable security infrastructure.

This security feature ensures that we are not allowing this information to go outside of Kagi. Additionally we ensure that you are protected by shielding the details of your payment from our suppliers and by blanking out all but the last four digits of your credit card number on our receipts. You can feel more secure ordering through Kagi than ordering almost anywhere else on the internet.

In addition, Kagi is pleased to provide PCI/Visa CISP compliance. You can validate Kagi's compliance during checkout by clicking the Ambitron TrustWave logo.


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