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How long does it take to receive my products?

When purchasing downloaded software, there is often confusion surrounding the method of delivery. Often, you can download the software for a free trial period. Then, should you desire to keep the product, you can purchase a registration code which will allow you to install the software permanently.

After your order is approved, you will receive a "Thanks for your purchase" email. At the bottom of the email (you may have to scroll down), you will see any instructions which the product supplier has provided. The registration code may be included in this email, or information as to when you can expect the supplier to send you the registration code. The email may include information as to how to download the product as well, if you have not already done so.

If you have purchased a physical product, the "Thanks for your purchase" email may provide you with shipping information and a time frame for when you can expect your product to arrive.

Please note that the product supplier delivers the product to you, not Kagi. The "Thanks for your purchase" email will always provide an email address for the supplier in the form of an @kagi forwarding address. Please write to the supplier if you have any questions regarding how and when you can expect to receive your product.

If you have placed an order paid by check, money order, or cash, it will take us 2-4 weeks to process your payment. You will receive a "Thanks for your purchase" email when your order is approved. If you need your order quickly, we suggest that you pay by credit card.

In the event that you do not receive the "Thanks for your purchase" email, please use our online Order Tracking System to obtain more information.


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