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Silver Bullet Group Publishes Principles for Creating Highly Persuasive Messaging


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Objective criteria enable marketing professionals to accelerate revenue growth

WALNUT CREEK, CA -- May 25, 2010 -- Marketing professionals fill a demanding role in supporting a wide variety of audiences and constituents. Persuasive messaging is critical to a marketer's success, but the creation process is time-consuming, subjective, and often frustrating. Being able to increase messaging quality/objectivity and reduce total work time is a valuable tool for both marketing professionals and their companies.

Just such a tool is what you will find in the article, "The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging," featuring 20 objective evaluation criteria for creating clear, concise and relevant messaging. Part Two of the article, which covers the final 10 criteria, appears in the Silver Bullet Group's "S ales Messaging Matters" newsletter (Vol. 5, No. 2), published on May 18th, 2010. (Part One, covering the first 10 criteria, appeared in the previous newsletter.)

"Many product managers do not have sales experience, yet one of their most important roles is supporting product sales," says Mohamad Afshar, VP of Product Management at Oracle Corporation. "Their effectiveness at this task is contingent upon their ability to communicate a succinct value proposition and deliver engaging training."

Nigel Mott, Product Sales Manager at Agilent Technologies, agrees, saying, "We worked with Silver Bullet Group to implement the messaging principles. Having a way to create great sales messaging increased our win rate by 30 percent and reduced the time we spend supporting the field by around 50 percent for the product family I support."

"With such high demands on marketing and sales to generate more results in less time, we wanted to offer solutions to address this clear need," says Michael Cannon, Silver Bullet Group CEO and the article's author. "The criteria set forth in 'The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging' help companies accelerate revenue growth by communicating most effectively with their audiences."

The 10 new criteria covered in Part Two of the article include making the customer the hero and avoiding the use of "gobbledygook" adjectives. The Winter 2010 edition of the "Sales Messaging Matters" newsletter (Vol. 5, No. 1) discusses the first 10 criteria, including targeting the buyer by audience type and buyer role, and defining clear capability advantages.

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Members of the media interested in scheduling an interview with Mr. Cannon to discuss his article, "The Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging," or his company may contact Teri Yazdi (see contact info above).

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